Business Suits

If you’re a navy or charcoal only business suit guy, then we can make those staples work for you with a dash more style perhaps – a slightly shorter jacket (you’d be surprised at how a 1/2″ here or there changes the look of a suit), or a subtle colour accent on the sleeve cuff, for instance. Also, don’t be afraid of black, bright blue or a lighter grey (in a Prince of Wales check….beautiful) for the office, because they work just as well for business suits. Therefore, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look the part, and with a little style! 

Also, well presented business suits says a lot about the wearer, because impressions do count whether it be that first meeting with a client, or day-to-day interaction with your colleagues and managers. It also helps to dress for your audience. So, a sharp, dark navy suit in a fine worsted wool would be appropriate if you were a lawyer negotiating a large financial deal on behalf of a high net worth client. Similarly, presenting end of year feel-good results to your employees at a summer retreat in a tan cotton suit and t-shirt, would endear you to the crowd more. In other words, you create a little empathy….don’t you think? However, you don’t want to try too hard and over do it. Just push your style quotient just a little bit, but stay “you”.

Navy Pinstripe

Light blue accent on lapel button hole

Grey Chalkstripe

Accented with purple

Black Suit

For all occasions, including work

Blue linen jacket

Blue linen jacket
Well… exec’s do work!!!! Reckon he’s wearing jeans with this t-shirt/jacket combo?

Bright Blue

Blue Business Suit
Worn with a blue/white gingham shirt and peach silk knit tie